Research Development UK will be helping local Marine Groups deploy a network of Chelonia F-POD passive acoustic monitoring around the south west coast in 2022.

This will be a long term monitoring project lead by the local Marine Groups to gather and analyze trends on cetacean presence, movements and behaviour.

The first phase of acoustic deployment will be in Cornish waters. Further deposits are planned taking us to the Isle of Wight along the south coast.

Two special projects are planned, one for Lundy and one for Isles of Scilly.

Chelonia F-POD technology offers opportunities for new insight into cetacean studies on this is a low carbon project.

Our network of long-term static monitoring stations could also host monitoring equipment for 3rd party research, development, innovation or education.

FPODs in a rowMeg Dolphin2 Meg-POD1 Meg Dolphin6

F-PODs                                         Common Dolphin                                      F-POD  Deployment                                        Common Dolphin