LoRaWAN is short for Long Range Wide Area Network, it is a wireless technology patented by Semtech, it uses VHF to send data from multiple sensors at sea back to shore.

Shore based gateways receive the data which is then available on the internet.

Once on the internet, application servers in the cloud display realtime information from the sensors at sea.


How we use LoRaWAN

RDUK is interested in this technology for wildlife monitoring, particularly acoustic monitoring. Live data can be sent back over VHF, internet, cellular or satellite links to be built into a realtime graph of activity.

LoRa is unsuitable for carrying audio or graphical information, LoRa carries the metadata that is used to represent real time snapshots. The full data capture is stored on the acoustic recorder for later analysis.

Other uses for LoRa in the marine sector could be, water quality monitoring, asset tracking, security alerts for equipment in the water, remote monitoring of fuel / water / battery levels on boats. The ability to use solar power and satellite backhaul opens up the possibility of monitoring in the most remote locations.

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