CATT – Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking

Supporting Chelonia, Cornwall Wildllife Trust, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and Marine Conservation Groups.

We are working on a netwotk of Cetacean Acoustic Monitoring projects using F-PODs donated by Chelonia to Marine Groups.    

We now have five projects underway with Marine-I:

  • Infrastructure and feasibility of LoRaWAN Monitoring Network:      The installation and testing of the 6 additional Kerlink geo-locationgateways donated by Semtech. Installation is being managed by Ver Facil. RDUK will test the range out to sea off the north coast.      
  • Identify FLOW Development Areas – Underlying Environmental Data:       This a data gathering task, we will prepare a mammal monitoring solution for offshore wind sites. Preparation for the deployment of scientific and research equipment for Floating Offshore Wind installations.
  • Data transfer from Inshore LoRa Buoy to shore side server:      Inshore LoRa Buoy for streaming data to shore over LoRaWAN to work with Chelonia F-POD. Development of a data buoy that will offer realtime data onshore from acoustic monitoring equipment in the sea.                   
  • Offshore Lora Buoy design for FLOW Marine Mammal monitoring:          Offshore solution with a parent buoy collecting data fromchild buoys over LoRaWAN with satellite backhaul to shore. A bigger more robust version of data buoy to work with scientific devices. 
  • Helford River Water Quality Experiment:          LoRaWAN streaming of real time data from sensors in the water to cloud for analysis. Realtime data for monitoring and AI learning.                                                 





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