Getting Involved in our Projects

How you can be involved

We are keen to hear from interested groups and individuals with experience of Marine Acoustics, Marine Science, LoRaWAN or Cornish inshore waters.

We are a Marine Science field work project based on the water in our Cat2 Coded Heard 28, Molly Oxford. Molly Oxford has five berths in two cabins, a galley, heads and can stay at sea for weeks at a time.

Molly Oxford is a traditional Gaff Rigged sailing boat, we travel at a leisurely 5 knots but our carbon footprint is minimal.

As we travel between our long term monitoring stations around the Cornwall and Devon coasts we take time to engage with local groups and involve local communities in gathering and analysing Marine Science data wherever we can.

Please let us know where you are and how you would like to be involved. – Contact page.



Marine Mammal and water quality monitoring for Impact Assessment


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